Spice Valley Camp
Spice Valley Camp
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  • Perumal peak

Part of the greater Western Ghats, Perumal peak is the highest peak of Kodaikanal, standing at a height of 2440 metres. Offering panoramic views of the majestic Palani hills, the astounding views from the peak of the mountain are worth every minute of your time. This place is highly recommended for trekking and photography enthusiasts.

  • Bodhi Zendo

Hub for spirituality seekers, Bodhi Zendo is where one is sure to find peace and tranquility. It is a Zen training and meditation centre that has attracted people from across the globe. Except for the panoramic views of hills and valleys, this centre also has a garden and a self study space for study of psychology, philosophy and many other subjects. Mask sure to book your place here in advance though!

  • Anju Veedu Waterfall

Tucked in the interiors of Elephant Valley, the name of this waterfall is derived from this place’s history of accommodating only 5 houses, thus the name Anju Veedu meaning 5 houses in Tamil - the local language. Crossing a dam, the head of the waterfall is only accessible by foot, at a distance of about 2.5 kilometers post the car parking area. The gushing sound of water streams act to be the perfect companions throughout the trek and the final views of the waterfall make the efforts worthwhile!

Offbeat Locations 

  • Ancient Dolmen Houses

Estimated to have been built in the prehistoric era, over 7000 years ago, these Dolmen houses located at a walking distance of merely 10-15 minutes from Spice Valley campsite instantly transform one into old age. The ruins very well mark stages of human civilization and evolution and often leave tourists with queries hard to resolve!

  • Bean Pool

A natural pool with streams of fresh water from cascading waterfalls, Bean pool is our go-to place on a sunny soaked day. The chill waters act theropathic for not just the body but also, for the mind, instilling a sense of rejuvenation. The flowing water keeps the pool clean and hygienic for a dip and proves to be a fun day activity!

  • Coffee, Avocados, spices and more - A tour through plantations

If your interest lies in organic farming practices, a walk through our vast spread plantations is sure to make you happy. And fall in love with our campsite area all the more! The plantations, fresh and dynamic throughout the year, are managed by us - the locals. So a deep dive into the subject is highly recommended if you’d like to replace a city day life with the experience of working in the fields. Feel free to ask us about the ongoing volunteering opportunities!