Spice Valley Camp
Spice Valley Camp
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GaneshPuram, Pethupari, Via Perumal Malai, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624104

Tel: +919443043330 | +91 97891 30121

Email: thanabalagan@gmail.com


Where is Spice Valley Camp located?

Spice Valley Camp is located 20 kilometers from Kodaikanal town, enroute Palani Hills. 

How to reach Spice Valley Camp?

One can hire a cab from Kodai town or ride a bus and get off at Perumalmalai; thereafter taking a cab until the campsite. 

Guests travelling in private four wheeler vehicles can drive until the parking area.

Guests riding on two wheelers can ride all the way up, until the campsite. 

How much does it cost to reach Spice Valley Camp?

Private Cab from Kodai town to Spice Valley Camp - INR 1300 to 1500

Private Cab from Perumalmalai to Spice Valley Camp - INR 500

Does one have to hike to get to Spice Valley Camp?

Yes, guests have to hike uphill for a kilometer to get to our campsite. The hike is steep but easy to walk on. 

Can vehicles reach Spice Valley Camp?

Guests travelling in four wheeler vehicles can drive until the parking area. Post which, an uphill hike of a kilometer will get them to the campsite. 

Are meals included in the package?

Our packages differ season to season. We suggest you reach us for ongoing packages and offers. 

What meals can I expect?

We cook and provide basic meals - Chapathi, rice, non veg and veg dishes, prepared in homemade style for lunch and dinner. Expect chicken gravy in non veg meals, dal or rasam for veg palette. Idlis, upma, dosa or Pongal in the breakfast menu.

Do I have to fear wildlife around the region?

No, you don’t have to fear the wildlife. We have regular sightings of Indian gaurs, wild pigs, wild elephants, deers and other animals. But they are only a treat to the eyes and are totally harmless if not provoked. 

Can I prebook the campsite or any of the other properties (treehouse or stonehouse) for birthday parties and special occasions?

Yes, we do help with the arrangement of exclusive celebrations for you to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

What are the general Things To Carry?

You may want to carry a torch, a layer of jacket for the cold in winter months, a comfortable pair of shoes for hiking, some sunscreen for daytime adventures, change of clothes after waterfall baths and a towel for convenience. 

Do you provide mattresses in tents and other accommodation options?

Yes, we do provide mattresses and blankets for your comfortable stay. We also have sleeping bags for those who prefer them during camping nights. 

What is the general Code of Conduct at Spice Valley Camp?

In the virtue of our heavenly location and values of coexisting in harmony with mother earth, we believe in a ‘no disturbance’ model. Under this, we expect  our guests to understand destination etiquettes and avoid the practice of certain activities, such as - playing loud music in the night, littering around the region and plastic usage.